Schema Markup (Structured Data)

What is Schema Markup?

In simple words, Schema marup is a script sritten in programming language to provide data to crawling bot about a page, website. The script that is written and embaded at the backend of a page is called Jason-ld. The Jason-ld script specifies valuable data about a page so crawling bot from Google or Yahoo can read and show the results the way the site owner wants.

Why Schema Markup is Important?

More than 50% of the web sites do not use Schema markup in their website. Why not take advantage of it, a detail schema markup can outrank other websites that do not use schema markup if you use schema markup.

How to Do Schema Markup?

use json-ld script or microdata to write schema markup. Google recommends json-ld for schema markup. if you are good at writing json scripts you can writie on your own follwing the given rules or you can use the schema markup generators to generate the codes.

Best Schema Markup Tools?

there are several sites that you can use besides writing them yourself. Google structured data helper, technical seo tools etc

How to embed Schema Markup in WordPress?

Once you generate the json-ld code log in to your WordPress dashboard and go the page where you want to embed the json-ld script. switch to text mode where you can only write html codes and past the json-ld there.

How to Test Rich Result?

Google reach result test tool can help you see if the page where you embeded the json-ld is elegible or not. The tool offers display and html features both to make sure how your page will appear in SERP or what html code google bot found on your website page.